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Anna Calemme

Songwriter – Actress – Showgirl 

Anna Calemme, The Elegant Voice of Naples in the World, is a performer like no others. Glamourous and sensual, she sings, dances and acts retracing the history of the Neapolitan music, like “Fenesta Vascia”, “Regginella” and “Napulè”, as well as some of her successful pieces. Thanks to her original tone, modulations and reinterpretation of the classics with a new age key, she is a great talent with a seductive personality. With her simple and deep musicality, from the old Naples to the corners of the world, her voice beats wherever there is a Italian heart.

Winner of the
5th Edition of the “Festival di Napoli”

Anna Calemme is a great artist in the World Music scenario, she loves acting, dancing, writing poems and songs.

She lives on the Mediterranean Sea, on the San Martino Island just outside Naples.

Anna has a Master in Italian and Neapolitan Diction, with a Degree in Accounting and Technical Science.
She likes Stenography, Aerobics, Rally and Jet Sky.

Always active in social activities, she is present in shelters, retirements home, but most of all she likes helping children.

If a voice can transmit emorions, in her voice you can always perceive Love.

Through undefined musicality and sensations, from deep down the old Napoli to the furthest corners of the world, anywhere there is a Neapolitan heart that beats you can find her voice.



Zecchino d’oro, 1966; Giocagiò Rai uno ( Marco Danè)

“Bambini divertiamoci insieme”, 1971: Founder and radio presenter of the program “Children have fun together” broadcast on Radio Tutta Napoli

1976, recital: with RobertoMurolo Teatro Mediterraneo

G7 Napoli, 1976: Concert for President Clinton during G7 in Napoli

La Tromba d’Oro Italiana,  1994; “Napoli città Capitale” with Austin Forte

Atti Unici, 1995 – 1997:  Naples poetry and music,
Dangerously theatrical performance, Amicizia “Atti Unici” from Eduardo De Filippo with Sasà Trapanese

Casinò di Atlantic City, 1998-2006: Exhibition of great success at the Love Boat

Sanremo, 1999; Festival di San Remo (Vivi il Festival Palafiori)

Festival di Napoli, 2000; Guest Star al Festival di Napoli

Taj Mahal. 2000; Guest Star at Concerto di Primavera at Taj Mahal in Atlantic City

Taj Mahal, 2001 with Mario and Francesco Merola, Little Tony and Mino Reitano

San Gregorio Armeno, 2001: Christmas Testimonial with the single “San Gregorio Armeno”, chosen as hymn by the Association “Centro Storico di Napoli” in Napoli and in the World

Napule nfunno o’ core, 2001:  Intro to the soccer television show for the Napoli Soccer Team, broadcast on Telenapoli 34

Tifosi Napoletani, 2002-2003: showgirl in the “Tifosi Napoletani” television show on Sky 868.

Vorrei, 2002: Winner of the 5th Edizion of the “Festival di Napoli” 2002

Iniziative Telethon, 1999 – 2010:  Volunteer for National Teleton benefit activities from 1999 to 2010

Testimonial dei Bambini del Ciad, 2004: honour with the title of Ambassador of Peace in the World and Testimonial for the Children of the Ciad by Rosario Pio Ramolo Archbishop of the Gorè Dioceses

Progetto Scampia, 2005: Founder of the Scampia Project, to promote art and culture in high risk areas of the city, to prevent illiteracy and micro-criminality

Premio Fontane di Roma, Premio Rocca D’Oro 2005: Premio Fontane di Roma – Premio Auditorium di Roma – Premio Rocca D’oro (Serrone) .

Sanremo Music Award, 2007: title earned as representative of the Neapolitan culture in the world

‘Na Maschera, io e… 2007:  production of musical albums, “Na Maschera” in Neapolitan language, and “Io e…” in Italian language 

Commissione Parlamentare, 2007:  member of the Small Cultural Parliament Institute

Ambasciatrice Umanista, 2009: honour with the title of Humanitarian Ambassador in the World by the Federico II Universitu 

Premio internazionale “Ad Haustum Doctrinarum”, 2008 – 2009: showgirl

Ancis Politea, 2009:  Emergency Abruzzo, testimonial of “Ancis Politeia” music therapy

AISA, 2009-2010: Testimonial for A.I.S.A. sez. Campania 2010 for the fight against Ataxia

Ancis Politeia, 2010: Member of the Internazionale Forum for Comics – Music Therapy “Ancis Politeia” Roma

Fast Beauty Sky, 2010: showgirl in the television show “Incontriamoci al Fast Beauty” on Sky 929

90 Minuti con gli Azzurri, 2010:  showgirl in the television show “90 Minuti con gli Azzurri” on Sky 929

2011 Nomina Ufficiale a Dama D’Onore Ordo Templi Militia Christi Hierosolymitani

Al Club di Anna, 2012: showgirl in her own television show on Sky 890

2012 Nomina Ufficiale a Dama D’Onore Cavalieri di Malta

Premio Federico II, 2012: Career Award from the Federico II University

Città di Napoli, 2012:  Libero Bovio Award

Premio Megaris, 2012: “ Megaris” per il Sociale” Award

Premio Petrolini, 2012:  Ettore Petrolini Award

Premio Petrarca, 2012: Francesco Petrarca Award

Onorevole della S. Chiesa dei Deputati, 2012: honoured with the title of Onorevole S. Chiesa dei Deputati

Premio Cartagine, 2014: Cartagine Award

2015 Maggiore della Croce Rossa Garibaldina – Roma

Commendatore di Priorato, 2015: Nomina nel O.S.M.T.J. di Commendatore di funzioni Priorato Generale della Georgia GA U.S.A.

A UN PASSO DAL PERDONO, 2016:  actress in a Lando Buzanca’s movie

2017 Italian Festival Arizona Phoenix


ITALIA, Napoli
Ph: +39 (338) 326 – 8173

USA, Atlanta
Ph: +1 (678) 650 – 7954

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